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Mar 7, 2009

Stats Bar for kf4ooxListen to our interview with kf4oox of Northwest Pennsylvania. His name is him Amateur radio call sign as assigned by the FCC. He started caching with his Garmin GPS III Plus but quickly upgraded to the GPS V. He has upgraded to the DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 and is currently using the beta software which allows for Geocaching on the unit. His favorite location for caching had been around last year's "Midwest GeoBash 2008" (GC154HT) largely for the proximity to other Cachers. He would like to cache in Alaska and Hawaii, and not just for the caches. Each of the four caches he current owns -- "Short Walk in State Game Lands #204" (GC1MQF1), "Canoe Launch in Sharon?" (GC1EQ5N), "Sharon View II" (GC18BFE), and "Sharon West Hill" (GC182F5), -- are favorites. His most memorable Geomuggle story was an encounter with a crowbar weilding muggle at "Shady Tree Cove" (GC174PB). Aside from the Geocaching and Amateur radio, Paul enjoys model railroading, railfanning, and is volunteer firefighter. As for television viewing he leans toward the Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and National Geographic Channel. Some favorite shows include Dog Whisperer and COPS. He's been into Country Music as of late with favorites including Kenny Roger, Charlie Daniels, and SHeDAISY.

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Date Recorded: February 27, 2009
Show Notes: DarrylW4