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Aug 29, 2009

Stats Bar for HeadhardhatListen to our interview with Headhardhat of The Piedmont of North Carolina (Raleigh). He turned the camera and microphones on us for an interview of the Cache-A-Maniacs hosts for his Geosnippets show and you can watch part 1 and part 2 on his YouTube channel. He told us that his favorite GPSR is the Garmin 60CSx but that he also uses a Garmin eTrex Vista and started caching with his Garmin NĂ¼vi 200. His favorite locations he's been caching are Michigan and North Carolina. He'd like to cache Japan, New Zealand, and the Scottish islands. His favorite hide is "Ghosts Of The Woods" (GC1PYGJ) which was inspired by the movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." As for the vest of his visual entertainment, he enjoys the "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" series.

Our "Tip for the Seasoned Cacher" comes from Listener dan_n_stef:
"When hiding a geocache take the time to either use the waypoint averaging feature that is built in to most Garmin units or revisit the site a few time to make sure your coordinates are correct. Anything you can do to get more accurate coordinates will help the finders enjoy your hide that much more."

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Date Recorded: August 1, 2009
Show Notes: DarrylW4